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Sri Ramanuja, the 11th-century Indian philosopher, theologian, and proponent of the Vishishtadvaita school of Vedanta, is revered by many in the Hindu tradition for his contributions to religious philosophy and devotion. His life is filled with remarkable stories and teachings, and he is said to have made 18 significant visits during his lifetime. While the exact details of these visits may vary in different traditions and accounts, here is a general overview of these visits:

Visit to Thoopul:

Sri Ramanuja was born in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, and his first visit was to the Thoopul Sri Vilakoli Perumal Temple, where he received a divine vision and decided to dedicate his life to the service of Lord Vishnu

Visit to Kanchipuram:

He visited the Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple in Kanchipuram, a significant pilgrimage site, where he studied under the guidance of his guru, Yadava Prakasha.

Visit to Thirunarayanapuram (Melkote):

Sri Ramanuja’s next visit took him to Melkote, where he initiated reforms and established the worship of Lord Cheluva Narayana.

Visit to Thiruvahindrapuram:

Sri Ramanuja visited this place to establish a center for learning and propagate the Vishishtadvaita philosophy.

Visit to Srirangam:

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam was an essential pilgrimage site for Ramanuja. He spent a considerable amount of time there and wrote many of his important works.

Visit to Thirukoshtiyur:

He visited this place to pay his respects to Lord Hayagriva, a form of Lord Vishnu associated with knowledge and wisdom.

Visit to Thirumalai (Ahobilam):

Sri Ramanuja visited Ahobilam, a sacred place associated with Lord Narasimha, to seek the blessings of the deity.

Visit to Thiruvellarai:

He visited this temple to worship Lord Pundarikaksha, another form of Lord Vishnu.

Visit to Thoopul (again):

Ramanuja returned to Thoopul, where he had his initial spiritual experience and performed various devotional activities.

Kanchipuram (again):

He revisited Kanchipuram to continue his teachings and spread the Vishishtadvaita philosophy.

Visit to Kalahasti:

Sri Ramanuja visited the Kalahasteeswara Temple, an important Shaiva pilgrimage site, to engage in philosophical debates.

Visit to Thirukannamangai:

He visited this place to worship Lord Bhaktavatsala Perumal, a form of Lord Vishnu.

Visit to Thirukannamangai (again):

Sri Ramanuja revisited Melkote to further establish his teachings and the worship of Lord Cheluva Narayana.

Visit to Srirangam (again):

Srirangam remained a significant center for Sri Ramanuja’s activities, and he continued to spread his teachings there.

Visit to Thoopul (again):

Another visit to Thoopul, where Ramanuja engaged in devotional practices.

Visit to Kanchipuram (again):

Sri Ramanuja’s association with Kanchipuram continued, where he continued to teach and promote the Vishishtadvaita philosophy.

Visit to Thiruvahindrapuram (again):

He returned to Thiruvahindrapuram, a place where he had previously established a center of learning.

Visit to Srirangam (final return):

Sri Ramanuja ultimately returned to Srirangam, where he spent his final days and left a lasting legacy.

Please note that the specifics of these visits may vary in different accounts and traditions. Sri Ramanuja’s life and teachings have had a profound impact on the Bhakti and Vedanta traditions in Hinduism, and his influence continues to be celebrated by his followers to this day.

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